Saturday, 19 October 2013

I'm back with a Baby Boy Card!

Well firstly I must apologise for not posting anything for such a hideously long time, but I do have a good reason! It is because I am pregnant! I had a really rough first 4 months with terrible nausea and sickness and didn't even go near my laptop for most of that time let alone do anything useful on it! I am now 5 months and feeling much better and have even started crafting again.

So appropriately I thought I would share a Baby Boy card I made for a friend. Lots of my friends seem to be having babies at the moment!

I used a mix of things from my stash for this card, firstly picking the forever friends bear image and bunting and then picking papers and other elements to go with it. I wanted to keep the colours fairly soft and was pleased with how it turned out!

I made my first two Christmas cards last night, so will share them with you shortly. I hope to be back to regular blogging now (although I can't guarantee that will continue after February as I may have my hands full!) I am hoping to make some things for the baby though so will share those with you too. Hopefully my lovely followers and some new people will still be around and haven't deserted me after my long absence!

Thanks for looking

Katie xx