Thursday, 1 November 2012

My first daybook

Hi everyone,

Thought I would share something a bit different with you this evening. I recently joined a group on Facebook called "Daybook Delights". This is a fab group with so much inspiration. Have a look at Cathy Vee's blog to find out more about daybooks. (Also look at her daybooks - they are amazing!) Basically daybooks are like scrapbooks but they are more informal than the 12x12 layouts. You can buy daybooks and lots of accessories by Amy Tangerine, but a lot of people in the group make their own. After seeing all their fab books I was inspired to make my own and thought I would share it with you. Here are a few pictures...

I have sewn it together using some cord I had and just used a compass to make the holes - nothing fancy! Daybooks are great because you can use your scraps - they look more interesting if not all the pages are regular. I would normally go for all co-ordinated papers but wanted to go a bit random with this one (plus I didn't have a lot of double-sided papers to use!). I wanted to fill this book with photos and bits from our holiday in Wales. I have nearly finished it, so will post pictures when it's done.

Thanks for looking and would love to read your comments.

Katie xx


  1. Super cute book. Nice shout out too to Daybook Delights! Awesome group there I tell ya!!!!

  2. super day book, Katie, love it, great idea xxxx

  3. This is gorgeous! I love that it is not 12 x 12 and more a reasonable and practical size for daily use too. Great idea, off to join the FB group so I have another thing on my crafty list to make lol. P.S. I have Santa’s Candy on my blog !


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