Saturday, 29 December 2012

Wales Daybook Part 2

Evening all,

I hope you all had a great Christmas - can't believe it is all over already!

Here is the rest of my Wales Daybook that I promised to show you.

 I hope you have enjoyed seeing my daybook. I am going to make another one soon for all the pictures we took in 2012. Might be a while before it's finished and ready to put on here though!

Thanks for looking.

Katie xx


  1. Oh Katie, this is my neck of the woods. You could've called in for coffee when you were visiting Pembroke Castle, that's what I see when I walk out of my front gate.
    Your book is a fabulous memento for you, I love all the little embellishments and different page shapes x

  2. This is fabulous Katie! Thank you for sharing your fabulous day book of Wales.

    Linda xxxx

  3. How fabulous Katie, what a great memory book, love it, have never been to Wales, but so want to...xxxx

  4. Fab keepsake book. You have inspired me to get going and get on with doing something with my 2012 holiday snaps. The colours are super and I love the map and little car at the back. Helen xx

  5. It's a fabulous project and definitely one to be treasured.

  6. You've been busy putting this book together. Great work.

  7. Wow - a lot of work there.
    Looks amazing x

  8. What a beautiful project Katie. I love Wales. Its a lovely way to remember it by. Wendy xx

  9. Really beautiful, such a lovely keepsake, sorry I am a little late but I hope the new year brings you many lovely things
    Lindsay xx


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